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Merry-go-round cakevanilla butter cream cake nougat butter cream cake and a chocolate "Marie"
lemon butter cream cake with marzipan roses rhubarb and cream cake
Sachertorte "Amelie" for my sister's birthdaywedding cake

Cupcakes Hello Kitty cake filled with rasperry mascarpone cream Petits Fours
vanilla-chocolate-butter cream with almond spongestrawberry cream cake
mascarpone cream cake with apricot and peach jamstrawbeery yoghurt cream cake

strawbeery cream cake

marzipan cream cakemarzipan cream cakeHello Kitty cake with raspberry cream
smoothie cream cakebirthday cake for Toni

marzipan cream cake

mascarpone cream cake with kumquats and orangechocolate mousse cake with cherries

butter cream cake

smoothie cream cakepassion fruit butter cream

mascarpone cream cake with orange

lemon cream cakemarzipan cream cake

Black forest cherry gateau covered with marzipan

Black forest cherry gateau with horsemango butter cream cakeSachertorte