In October 2008, I visited a friend in Canada, in Victoria on Vancouver Island, to be precise. There was a small chain store called Rogers' Chocolates, where I tried a chocolate soda (which tasted like a curious combination of chocolate and sparkling water).

On the same street there was a café selling "Nanaimo Bars" which were actually invented on Vancouver Island (of course I had already tried out a recipe at home before going on vacation, as one may see on the picture below on the right). The café also served pancakes for breakfast, naturally with loads of maple syrup.

A lot of sweet shops sold candy apples, not only covered in sugar candy coating but also covered with chocolate and fruit gums and marshmellows.
I found a huge variety of cakes at Thrifty Foods. And you could watch a pastry chef decorating a birthday cake. I liked the idea of "half a whole cake" (2nd picture on the left).

The picture above was taken in a small French café in Vancouver.

The picture on the right shows the great variety of pastry at Canada's breakfast fast food chain Tim Hortons.

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I discovered a lot of different kinds of pastry at Pike Place Market on our short trip to Seattle. However, there was one thing they all had in common: their monstrous size.

In Seattle we learned, that besides apples, you can cover almost any fruit with chocolate or candy .

To my surprise I found a coffee shop in one of the shopping malls selling pretty and decent-sized cakes.

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